Proteus™ System

Proteus™ is a three-stage DI system for use in soft water areas such as Scotland & Wales with mains water quality < 50ppm. Proteus can also be used as a higher-grade delivery system in conjunction with static systems.

Full Specification

  • Fully welded, stainless steel chassis, crash-tested and certified to FMVSS-208 (more info)
  • 400 Litre Black Polypropylene, Spark-tested tank, with full internal baffling
  • Auto-Compensating Flow Controller
  • Automic Shut Off (when the tank is full)
  • Twin, 7-Litre De-Ionization tanks (fully refilable) filled with Purolite MB400 DI Resin
  • 100PSI Pump with automatic shut-off
  • Fitting at Ionic Systems' fitting centre in Swindon. (We can also fit at any of our regional fitting centres for an additional £50: Bolton, Brentwood, Newcastle, Sheffield, Redruth)
  • Training at The British Window Cleaning Academy

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We can supply this system in any of the following sizes: (These prices include fitting)

Tank Size
300 Litres
400 Litres
500 Litres
600 Litres
700 Litres
800 Litres
900 Litres
1,000 Litres
Price (incl fitting)
Payload required

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